At MD Billing, we are committed to providing excellent, reliable services. We offer a full range of services, including medical billing, medical coding, auditing, revenue cycle management, denial management, and patient statements & collections.In addition, we provide charge entry & claim submission, insurance credentialing & enrollment, billing & practice management consulting. We also offer remote patient monitoring which is unique for a billing company to provide.

Practice Management Consulting

Our goal is to help you maximize profits by focusing on efficiency so you can focus on patient care. Our dedicated team of healthcare billing and administration experts and practice management consultants work with medical providers and practices to identify specific issues and challenges related to the practice. We use our industry expertise and critical thinking techniques to provide effective solutions to the unique challenges facing your organization. Anytime you need professional advice or guidance on business and administrative issues for your medical practice, we are the ideal experts to turn to. Our team can provide practical solutions and help you make informed decisions to reach your financial goals going forward.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring services offer medical practices an excellent and reliable way to monitor patients remotely. Using our innovative solution and cutting-edge technology, practices are able to monitor patients with various health issues remotely. These include patients suffering from diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, obesity and more. Our remote patient monitoring services makes it possible to visualize care, stay connected with your patients, and get paid.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite

Pay 1 monthly rate for our full suite of RCM services, or purchase services a la carte

Meet the MD Billing RCM Suite. Here, all your medical billing needs are covered for one monthly rate. We’ll take the stress out of billing so you can better focus on what’s really important – your patients. Only need a few of our available services? Check out our full list of a la carte services below. 


Charge Entry & Claim Submisison

Denial Management
& Appeals

Insurance Credentialling
& Enrollment

Patient Collections

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

At MD Billing, we aim to help maximize your revenue cycle. Our dedicated experts will submit every claim in a timely manner. We will handle everything involved in processing claims and follow-up with insurance companies. This way, we are able to maximize the reimbursed amount and ensure that claims are paid without any delay. Our reliable revenue cycle management services are guaranteed to help boost revenue, manage cash flow efficiently, and reduce operational costs



Our aim is to ensure that your patient charts are accurately documented. We offer a wide selection of auditing options to medical practices depending on their unique needs. Our certified auditors can help with Chart Audits, EMR Coding, and Documentation Reviews.

What’s more, our reliable medical records specialist can help get all your patient records to the insurance provider as fast as possible to ensure the fastest payment. MD Billing has the ideal auditing solution to meet the diverse needs of your medical or dental practice.

Personalized Medical Billing

Charge Entry & Claim Submission

Charge entry is the most crucial step in claims processing. Any failure or negligence to accurately document care information may lead to revenue leakage. This is where our experts come in. At MD Billing, we have the required expertise to process a large volume of charge entry transactions with accuracy.

Our experts at MD Billing can deploy effective workflow solutions to help reduce instances of lost revenue. Thanks to our proven workflows, detailed performance reporting, and consistent monitoring, our trusted experts are able to pursue every dollar while your staff focuses on providing excellent patient care.

Personalized Medical Billing

Denial Management & Appeals

We offer denials management to ensure that your claim gets paid in full. Our dedicated team will carry out a comprehensive denial analysis, identify inaccurate data, and rectify it. This guarantees quick reimbursements of the denials.

With the help of our trusted medical records specialist, we can get all your records to the insurance provider accurately and ensure faster payment of claims. This way, you can maximize your revenue cycle and improve patient satisfaction.

Personalized Medical Billing

Insurance Credentialing & Enrollment

All healthcare providers and medical practices are required to enroll in an insurance credentialing process before they can accept patients with insurance. Our insurance enrollment and credentialing services help you optimize your revenue cycle by getting credentialed and enrolled with Healthcare payers. You can count on us for the best insurance credentialing services that will assist you throughout the complicated credentialing and enrollment processes.

Personalized Medical Billing

Medical Coding

Accurate medical coding is crucial for all medical practices. Our certified medical coders are knowledgeable and well-experienced in multiple medical specialties. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of medical codes, including HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10.

From hospital/in-patient coding to skilled nursing and long-term care, CPT and ICD codes, our medical coding specialists can handle your diverse coding needs. Also, we can help your practice improve coding accuracy and ensure compliance with government standards and regulations.

Personalized Medical Billing

Patient Collections

Our team provides excellent patient payment collection services by delivering accurate statements to patients as quickly as possible. We will encourage your customers to make payments by sending them clear and concise statements that can be easily understood.

Our patient collections services provide your practice with the right tools and solutions to collect the money you are owed. Also, we can increase customer satisfaction and improve the patient billing experience with personalized print and digital statements.

Personalized Medical Billing

Payment Posting

Our payment posting services and solutions help medical practices improve productivity and reduce lost revenue by automatically posting electronic insurance payments. We provide a detailed insight into your practice’s daily revenue stream and identify areas for improvements.

What’s more, through our payment posting services, we help solve recurring problems in your practice’s revenue cycle, reduce denial resolution time, and enable accurate submissions of claims to secondary payers. Our payment posting is guaranteed to maximize the performance of your revenue cycle.

Personalized Medical Billing

We focus on billing so you can focus on patient care

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