%Medical Billing Pros%
%Medical Billing Pros%
  • Discovery & Evaluation

    We start by establishing your financial goals. From there, we evaluate your practice's unique challenges and specific needs, and gain an understanding of your current practices and protocols.

  • Identifying Opportunities For Growth

    Once we understand your financial goals and daily operations, we'll identify areas for growth, improvement and opportunities.

  • Custom Plan Of Action

    We'll create a custom plan for you and your practice based on your specific goals, needs, and challenges. We attack your medical billing needs from every angle to create a plan of action designed to maximize your revenue and overall efficiency.

  • Training & Implementation

    We'll work with you and your team to put your new plan to action. We train and educate your staff on ways to improve and maximize profits and efficiency. We'll work as hands-on or as hands-off as you prefer. Either way, we serve as your personal resource for financial success.

  • Qualified & Experienced Experts

    We work with experienced and certified experts and coders that are specialty-specific and highly dedicated to serving your needs.

  • Personalized Services

    We provide personalized services, processes, and solutions that are specifically tailored to your unique needs, policies, and protocols.

  • Detailed Workflow Management

    All our processes are well-detailed and organized. Our workflow management system helps keep track of every code, record, and status.

  • Customer Service Oriented

    Our company is passionate about building lasting relationships and providing outstanding service for the best customer experience.

  • Fast and Reliable

    Above all, our processes are fast and reliable. We try out best to avoid delays while keeping your operations as smooth as possible.

Practice Management Consulting

Charge Entry & Claim Submission

Insurance Credentialing & Enrollment

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical Coding

Revenue Cycle Management

Denial Management & Appeals

Payment Posting

Patient Collections


We focus on billing so you can focus on patient care

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