Frequently Asked Questions

MD Billing is a physician-owned medical billing company. We’re able to provide services from the provider’s perspective. This gives us a competitive edge. We have a proven track record for helping clients streamline processes and maximize their revenue cycle. We will track claims efficiently, ensure that you are paid faster, mitigate rejections, and follow-up on patient balances and unpaid claims. We will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of money possible.

Outsourcing medical billing is a smart choice for any medical or dental practice. This gives you the opportunity to focus more on providing quality medical care to patients. Moreover, hiring, managing, training, and maintaining in-house billing staff is challenging. Outsourcing medical billing can help save costs, time, and resources.

We have a dedicated team of well-experienced and certified professional medical billing and coding experts who can effectively work with almost all medical specialties. You can reach out to know more about the areas we specialize in.

Yes. MD Billing receives the required data from your medical practice and takes care of the rest. Our trusted experts will handle all processed, including billing patients and insurance providers, answering patient questions, processing claims, and final resolution of each account.

At MD Billing, we are focused on building long-lasting relationships. We will work together with you and your employees to make sure the necessary documentation is collected and sent to the insurance company for billing.

We can help you stay up-to-date with recent trends, billing laws, and regulations, by sending you monthly newsletters. The newsletters will highlight important changes in billing laws to keep you informed. We keep you up to date to enable you to focus more on your patients.

Our company can handle all patient billing activities on your behalf. We will send out monthly statements and follow up on outstanding balances through calls and letters. Also, we can answer patients’ billing inquires and escalate to third-party collections.

At MD Billing, our aim is to ensure that you receive payments, claims, and reimbursements quickly. Both patient and insurance payments will be credited directly to your medical practice.

Yes, we offer personalized services. Our experts can develop a custom billing and coding solution to meet your requirement and unique needs. You can call us today to discuss your available options.

Yes. Our medical coding experts are certified and well qualified. They have comprehensive knowledge in medical codes, including HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 as well as the latest ICD-11.

We focus on billing so you can focus on patient care

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